My favourite YouTube channel

My favourite YouTube channel is Merrell Twins because they spend kindness and support each other’s. Everyone life is different because they respect the fandom/ family’s / friends. Some people didn’t respectful about their life they want to keep their life private.

I’m fans of them since 2019 before I didn’t know them at all. I went to Vidcon Australia 2019 I went to the Merrell twins Q&A I saw them and I said to myself I saw on YouTube somewhere. Then i lined up two times to meet them and my mum taking picture me and them. Last year I meet them online Vidcon virtual meet and greet it the best things ever.

  1. They help people life in hardest time
  2. They nicest people who’s they meet them or watching their videos
  3. Feeling welcome to their fandom
  4. It helps people getting out of the real life and watch videos of them to help thinking about things
  5. Everyone feels happy and smile when they go live stream or post YouTube videos
  6. They work hard people on youtube and behind the scenes