Technology support

If you want to become technology you need to studying or knowledge about technology.

If you want technology become your hobby or a jobs. You need to know about technology a lots and you need to studying about it.

Technology tips:

  • Tips 1: If your WiFi not working rest the modem.
  • Tips 2: If your iPhone\iPad\ laptop is frozen try to rest it or turn it off .
  • Tips 3: If your computer not working at all try to rest it or turn it off.
  • Tips 4: If your WiFi disconnecting on laptop try to connect to WiFi or try to forgot the WiFi password start again.
  • Tips 5: If you drop in the toilet and the water went in the phone. Put in the rice for 1 hour or 2 hour.

When you not use the app the camel will see you through the cam. Make sure you cover your cam because they can see you and it your safety.

If you forgot the password on your iPad\iPhone\ laptop connect to iTunes if you have a pc or computer go to apple store they can fix it

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